cpa logoAs registered Tax Agents with over 20 years of experiences in taxation and accounting, we can help individuals take the hassle out of their annual tax returns, while using our experience and knowledge of the latest regulations to help you claim every single tax deduction you are entitled to. With government agencies now collecting data from employers, banks and other government bodies automatically, we can access this data with your consent, meaning you only have to provide the additional receipts you would like to claim.

Your personal and trusted tax advisor

Because we take the time to understand your tax situation and goals, we can also tailor our services to suit your unique situation and get you the best possible results. It also means that instead of doing a one-off tax return, we can continue to work with you to plan and provide advice on how to minimise tax and maximise your returns in the future. You will always have peace of mind that you are in the best tax position possible.


We can help with all your personal tax needs, offering you a simple and comprehensive approach…

  • We can even check back on a previous tax year and can advise if something can be done.
  • We make it easy for you to organise yourself for your tax appointment.
  • Educate you properly so you understand your tax return and get more out of it in future years especially if you are new to it or no-one has ever taught you.  
  • Listen and get to know you for a better result.
  • Make it hassle free face to face or online at times that suit you.
  • Being our client means you can ask questions throughout the year on your tax or financial matters if you need some assistance.
  • You get your refund quickly.  Although we cannot guarantee ATO processing times, some refunds take only a week.
  • Take a holistic approach to your financial life and coach you to better overall financial well being.
  • Encourage and explore all avenues open to you to minimise your tax in the future and we are supportive of creating wealth for you.
  • We can guide you into deciding whether self managed super funds are for you, to see if you can use your money for a better purpose, obtain better returns, investment flexibility and diversity, increased wealth and improve your long term tax position.
  • We can defend you in an ATO audit or try to have penalties and fines waived on your behalf.
  • We can advise you if you owe any tax, when it is due and arrange a repayment arrangement if you need it.
  • Our service means you get longer to lodge your tax return past the October 31 deadline.
  • We believe your tax return should not stay the same over many years, we encourage your income growing.
  • We understand job security is at an all time low and give you specialist advice to help you grow your business. 
  • We are the experts if you own property as a rental property owner or wish to create wealth through property. 
  • If you are late with a few tax returns, we have that covered!
  • Looking for a review on how to pay less tax and create more wealth. Then you need our financial xray.

Getting Started With Our Tax Agent Services

For any of the above services or more, contact James Zhuang and Associates today.James Zhuang logo transparent background

We are based in Mt Waverley, Melbourne and provide personalised Individual, Business and Self Managed Superannuation Funds accounting, taxation and business services.

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